A Little Bit About Me…


My name is Veronique Cruz and I’m a Vancouver-based girly girl and full-fledged beauty geek. Some of my favorite things are wine, little black dresses, flow yoga and sour gummy candies.


BEAUTY:  As a self-professed beauty geek (with a slight case of OCD!), I spend hours researching the best of the best to bring you guys well thought-out and well researched reviews of my finds. WLV is a positive space where beauty junkies can come together to discuss ANYTHING, share their knowledge and celebrate all the new innovations in this industry!

I’m constantly in search of that HG (holy grail) product. While I am a sucker for the high-end, I get just as excited over an amazing $7 face serum, as I do about my $200+ facial essence. I place a lot of importance on balance in my day-to-day life, so at WLV, I want to focus less on price and more on the quality of the product and the user experience from start to finish.


FASHION AND LIFESTYLE:  While my passion lies primarily in the beauty industry, I also have an undying love of fashion, organization, travel and wellness! I love experiencing all the things a city has to offer and will often try to organize and hack my way to a better life 🙂


MANTRA:  Always be positive, work hard and be kind ♥




+ Veronique has a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of British Columbia and a Marketing Management diploma in Event Marketing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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