The Perfect One-Step Cleansing Oil – Hylamide’s High-Efficiency Face Cleaner

If you’ve never heard of DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil, it’s the touted HG of many a cleansing oil aficionado, whose company boasts that a bottle is sold every 10 seconds worldwide.  The first time I slathered it onto my face I remember thinking “Ooooh this feels luxurious!”  As every trace of makeup melted off when the oil emulsified and turned milky upon contact with water, I was even more impressed.

Since I can pretty much use anything on my skin without reaction and can count the number of times I break out per year on one hand, I ignored DHC’s instructions to double cleanse.  After a week, I got a zit here and a zit there.  Serves me right.  Always one for minimum effort with maximum results, I decided that it wasn’t worth the extra step and swapped back to my trusty Cetaphil―the one constant in my beauty routine since high school.

A few months ago, I decided that this was the year that I would finally start wearing sunscreen daily (10th time’s a charm, right?).  Figuring that Cetaphil wouldn’t cut it and that I should find a strong enough cleanser to properly remove it at the end of the day, I resumed my search for the perfect cleansing oil.  I gave DHC another 2 chances and even tested out a few others (this one and this one) to no avail.  I was so sure that if I just found the right combination of oils, I could forego that annoying second cleanse.

When doing my first big purchase from The Ordinary, I stumbled upon the brand Hylamide (under the Deciem Umbrella) and saw their “High-Efficiency Face Cleaner”.  Their website states:

In a single step, oils of Mediterranean Crambe and East Asian Kanuga work with plant-derived esters to delete every trace of impurity, face- and eye-makeup. As you rinse off, sustainably-sourced Amazonian oils together with purified tomato carotenoids leave behind an innocuous layer of comfortable, non-comedogenic hydration. Unlike traditional oil cleaners, this advanced micro-emulsion does not require using a towel or mitt to clean the face as it rinses off efficiently with water in a single step.

Single step?  Sold.  At $20 CAD for 120ML this is significantly cheaper than the next one on my list, Tatcha’s Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil ($58 CAD at Sephora for 150ml).

They instruct you to massage it onto your face and rinse, but I’ve gotten the best results by doing it this way:

  1. Pour a small amount onto DRY hands and massage onto your DRY face
  2. Wet fingertips and use the little bit of water to emulsify the oil cleanser (should turn from clear to milky white) around high-makeup areas like eyes, then proceed to the rest of your face
  3. Rinse thoroughly

So far, no second cleanse and no break outs!  I was so happy to have found a product with all of the luxury and efficiency of an oil cleanser, but none of the annoyingness.  Well almost…

While the oil itself is flawless, I do have an objection with its packaging.  I like the simple and no-fuss aesthetic (similar to Indeed Labs—LOVE their hyaluronic acid serum), but the twist-open spout is highly irritating.  The cap gets slick with oil and is almost impossible to open and close with one hand.  This means I don’t always close it immediately and have actually spilled it a few times, since the tall, thin and lightweight bottle is easily knocked over.  I would have preferred that they included a pump, but would have settled for a simple flip top.

I worked around this by transferring a little into an empty travel-sized pump container for MAC Cleanse Off Oil (yay for being travel sized and spill proof!).  PRO TIP:  if you plan on decanting oils, make sure to use a pump container that was made specifically for oil—ones for liquid can clog and ones for lotions can leak.

Despite this packaging flaw, this product is definitely a win.  A true one-step oil cleanser, it does what any good beauty product should do—make your life easier.  All makeup, even waterproof mascara, melts off with ease and although it doesn’t smell as pretty and fancy as other cleansing oils on the market (it’s not noxious, just odourless), the fact that it is fragrance-free is a big plus.  Fragrance in skincare actually breaks down collagen and unravels any anti-aging results you had been trying to achieve.  So well-done again Deciem!  Hylamide’s High-Efficiency Face Cleaner gets my stamp of approval!

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