How to Refill Starbucks Verismo Pods / Capsules


Whenever I make espresso, I use my Starbucks Verismo 585 machine.  I don’t really like drip coffee, so when I was deciding what pod/capsule coffee machine I wanted, it was important for me to get one that had the ability to make espresso.  I still wanted to be able to make drip coffee for my guests, but this machine is perfect for making me a quick americano each morning!


While I do appreciate the amount of time it saves me over using a standard espresso machine or stopping by the nearest coffee shop, the main drawback to these pod/capsule systems is that each serving is still quite expensive (a single shot will set you back about $1.00 CDN before tax).  Additionally, the Starbucks Verismo limits you to only Starbucks blends, and unless you take the time to take the used capsules apart and compost the grounds inside them, they’re an environmental disaster!


Check out my tutorial showing how I am able to refill my espresso capsules–save money, have more variety and be green!


Do you know how to refill the espresso pods for any other pod/capsule coffee machines? 


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